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5 benefits of DNA testing

5 benefits of DNA testing

5 benefits of DNA testing

How DNA test can help you improving health and fitness 

Your genetic code contains all the information you need to improve your health, nutrition and fitness. Your DNA is talking to you: listen to it.

Genetics and lifestyle

Modern medicine is increasingly oriented towards personalised care and prevention. Diseases are not the same for everyone and medicines do not act on all people in the same way. Genetics allows us to know some characteristics of the individual and to implement a preventive and personalized intervention on the basis of these characteristics.

But what are the benefits of genetic testing?


Among the different branches of genetics, nutrigenetics studies the correlation between the genetic heritage of the individual and his response to different nutrients.
Scientific data show that a food can have different effects depending on the individual. The metabolism of different substances varies from person to person and depends on our DNA. Genetic characteristics regulate the functioning of our organism and how it interacts with the surrounding environment, influencing our state of health.

This is why DNA analysis, which reveals the genetic characteristics of individuals, is an important ally in choosing the most suitable diet and lifestyle for your body.


The predisposition to develop certain diseases can be linked to one's own genetic make-up.
Based on their DNA, in fact, individuals are able to understand what genetic mutations exist within it and can inform themselves before any disease can, if anything, manifest itself. 
DNA analysis therefore allows them to receive actionable information in order to build a prevention plan that is as suitable as possible to their genetic needs. 

Reaction to drugs

The variability in response to pharmacological treatment between patient and patient has always been one of the most relevant problems in clinical practice. Individual responses to medication, in fact, vary greatly: in fact, it is possible to observe reduced or even absent therapeutic effects, adverse reactions or side effects in some patients compared to others, despite the fact that the same medication has been administered to the same dosage.

This inter-individual variability was, in the past, mainly attributed to the influence of non-genetic factors but it is currently believed that, in addition to those factors, hereditary drugs also play an important role in the individual response to medication. 

Finding out how one's body reacts to medication can be essential and sometimes decisive. Dosages and types of medication can be different for individuals, based on their own DNA. 


With the same exposure to an incorrect diet or to a specific type of physical activity (aerobic, anaerobic, power-driven, etc.), different clinical pictures are determined between different people with regard to the expected physical improvements, the need to vary/reduce increase a given physical activity path and therefore, for example, also to prevent exposure to muscle or tendon damage.
The analysis of the genome allows you to identify the most suitable type of exercises to optimize your training and focus on your effort, also allowing you to avoid injuries based on your muscle and tendon propensities.

Asset for life

As of today, only a small portion of the genome has been studied. We know little to nothing about large parts of the genome. Yet, every month, more genomes are sequenced, new studies are published, and more findings become available. In time, people will be able to discover more about their DNA. The earlier in someone’s life that it’s analyzed, the earlier they have access to useful information about their genetic makeup. This is information that can translate into actionable insights on how someone could change their lifestyle to feel better, prevent diseases, avoid adverse reactions to food or drugs, and tailor their physical activity for optimal health. As more genetic variants are identified, they can receive updates about their genome for the rest of their lives.

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