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Reasons why women should take a DNA test for breast cancer

Reasons why women should take a DNA test for breast cancer

Reasons why women should take a DNA test for breast cancer

3 reasons for testing cancer gene

Introduction to Breast Cancer 

Breast cancer is a potentially serious disease if it is not detected and treated in time. It is due to the uncontrolled multiplication of certain cells of the mammary gland that turn into malignant cells. This means that they have the ability to detach themselves from the tissue that generated them to invade the surrounding tissue and, over time, the other organs of the body. Making an early diagnosis is very important because if the tumor is identified at stage 0, survival at five years in women treated is 98%, although relapses vary between 9 and 30% of cases, depending on the therapy carried out. If, on the other hand, the lymph nodes are positive (i.e. all stages except 0), i.e. they contain cancer cells, five-year survival is 75%.
There are also some genes that predispose to this type of cancer: they are BRCA1 and BRCA2. The mutations in these genes are responsible for about 50% of the hereditary forms of breast and ovarian cancer

Why to perform a genetic test for Breast Cancer?

We identified three main reasons why to perform a genetic test:

  1. Breast cancer affects more and more women, but although the number of cases has increased, mortality continues to fall. However, it is still the most common and diagnosed cancer among women: one in every three tumours (29%) is a breast cancer. It is a tumour that continues to hit hard, but which oncology is fighting more and more effectively.

  2. Genetic tests for BRCA1 and 2 genes, which are responsible for some hereditary forms of breast cancer, can be very useful prevention tools: in case of positivity it is possible to strengthen control measures with very close mammograms and ultrasounds to identify the tumor at an early stage if it occurs or it is possible to use ovariectomy and/or preventive mammography. It can be useful in cases of familiarity (familiarity is referred to when there is a grouping of multiple breast cancer cases in a household) where hereditary tumours are suspected and where individuals with mutations of these genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2) have a high probability (70/80%) of developing breast cancer over a lifetime.

  3. Knowing that you have a mutation is important to identify the best treatment for each individual person, based on their DNA. When faced with a diagnosis of advanced breast cancer, knowing that the woman has a BRCA1 or 2 mutation can be crucial in identifying the most suitable treatment.

Dante Labs to support research against Breast Cancer

Dante Labs is extremely proud to support the research to discover more  about causes and best treatments against breast cancer.
Our customer care service will be available to answer your questions and will help you understand the importance of genetic tests.

Being involved in raising awareness is extremely important because we can all make a difference!

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