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What is Covid-19?

“Coronavirus Disease 2019” (referred to widely as Covid-19, or coronavirus) is the respiratory disease caused by the “SARS-CoV2” virus. It was recently identified in Wuhan, China, and has spread globally. There has been an increasing number of cases reported in the United Kingdom, and it has become a global public health emergency. As of March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified COVID-19 as a pandemic.

Who is at high risk of getting very sick with Covid-19?

Am I at risk for Covid-19?

What are symptoms of Covid-19?

How is Covid-19 treated?

Who should take the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) PCR Swab Test?

What's the point of being diagnosed if there is no medical treatment?

What happens if my COVID-19 PCR Swab Test results are positive? What are the procedures?

How does the service work?

From start to finish, how long does the Covid-19 service take?

How does the kit work?