Tumor Profiling Services

The most comprehensive and patient-centric Tumor Profiling Services that enables improved cancer patient management, treatment, and monitoring. Dante Labs brings together Precision Oncology and Next-Generation Sequencing to directly benefit cancer patients

Comprehensive end-to-end solutions for oncologists, patients and clinical researchers

Wide array of tests for cancer patients. Solid Tumor Sequencing and Cell Free Circulating Tumor DNA from Liquid Biopsies

Smart interpretation for actionable reports

Precision Oncology powered by Next-Generation Sequencing

Whole Genome and Whole Exome Sequencing Tests and Broad Pan-cancer Targeted Sequencing Panels enable oncologists to effectively run hundreds of diagnostics tests in parallel through one assay

Results in days and weeks, not months

AI-powered software platform to make smarter treatment decisions

Oncologists will be able to sift through the vast amounts of data produced from these tests and view approved therapies and clinical trials most appropriate for their patient, empowering oncologists to make smarter treatment decisions

Complete Tumor Profiling

The most comprehensive and patient-centric tumor profiling service
Precision Oncology

We drive the oncology field towards true precision oncology and enable advanced NGS analytics for Germline and Somatic testing

Vast array of Tests

Solid Tumor Biopsies, Cell Free Circulating Tumor DNA from Liquid Biopsies, Whole Genome and Whole Exome Sequencing

Complete Tumor Profiling

The combined solutions will enable oncologists to precisely and comprehensively profile a patient’s tumor and ultimately improve outcomes

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