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At the checkout, you can select a delivery date for your test kits and we will do our best to deliver on this date. 

Do not remove any barcodes when receiving your kit, the barcode on the tube and the barcode on the box must NOT be peeled off.

Important Shipping Information

  • Orders placed before 14:00 will be shipped the same day as you ordered on a next business day service. After 14:00, we cannot guarantee same day dispatch but will do our best to achieve this. For instance, if you order Tuesday at 17:00, you are going to receive your kits on Thursday by the end of the day.
  • Royal Mail delivers from Monday to Saturday (inclusive). Orders placed after 14:00 on Fridays will be delivered the following Monday.
  • Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday are expected to be delivered on Tuesday. Please check your Royal Mail tracking number provided when your order is fulfilled for updates regarding delivery.

  • Please note that Royal Mail does not deliver kits over the UK Bank Holidays (Jan 1, 2021; Apr 2, 2021; Apr 5, 2021; May 3, 2021; May 31, 2021; Aug 30, 2021; Dec 27, 2021; Dec 28, 2021).
  • Delivery date-specific orders will be dispatched 24 hours before the chosen delivery date.

Return Shipping Information

  • To make the lab receive your collected sample the next business day, please use a Royal Mail Priority Post box before 09:00 (am) when returning your parcel. For instance, if you post the kit on Monday morning at 08:00 (am) for return, the lab will receive it on Tue., by the end of the day. Within 24 hours of us receiving your swab at our laboratory, your sample will be analysed, and your results will be delivered securely online. Please ensure that your kits are properly registered before posting it for return. 
  • If you post the kit on Friday after 09:00 for return, the lab will receive the collected sample by the end of the following Monday. You will receive your results on Tuesday, by the end of the day.
  • To find your nearest Priority Post box click here.