The most comprehensive DNA Test For Diet, Fitness & Wellness

The most comprehensive DNA Test For Diet, Fitness, Health & Wellness

Sequence your genome

Whole Genome Sequencing Test for your Wellness goal

The smartest and most effective solution to
your nutrition, fitness, and well-being

Your DNA is ready to support your goals

1) Reach your goal weight faster with personalized advice

2) Take your training to the next level using your DNA

3) Leverage your Whole Genome to your advantage

Whole Genome Sequencing Test For Diet, Fitness & Wellness

Unlock everything there is to know about your DNA using our revolutionary Whole Genome Sequencing

30X Whole Genome Sequencing Test - Dante Labs
  • Diet & Nutrition

    Discover what your Genome has to say about your diet, metabolism, food intolerance and allergies! Use what you learn to make informed decisions

  • Scientific Fitness

    Actionable insights to choose the right exercises, optimize your training, focus your efforts. All based on actual Science

  • Your well-being

    Learn about over 70 conditions.
    Get actionable insights to drive your personalised prevention.

  • Full Genomic Data

    Get access to your full genomic data, learn more as science progresses. This is the best lifetime investment: Sequence once, get actionable tools for life!

How it works

Getting your genome sequenced has never been so easy
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You will receive a easy-to-use saliva collection kit at home in 1-2 days (Express shipping).
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Register your kit

Create your personal account on our Genome Manager. Register your kit and then ship it back to us with the prepaid return shipping label inside our box

Discover your Genome

In 2 weeks or 8 weeks your results are ready and uploaded on your account!
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