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30X Whole Genome Sequencing Test

30X Whole Genome Sequencing Test

30X Whole Genome Sequencing Test

  • Most genetic testing companies analyze less than 0.02% of your DNA, providing very partial information about your genetic makeup. Dante Labs sequence 100% of your DNA
  • Get the most advanced and comprehensive Reports on your Health, Nutrition, Fitness, and Drug Reaction
  • Start making conscious health decisions and take a proactive approach to your health
  • Get access to your full genomic data, learn more as science progresses. The best lifetime investment: sequence once, get actionable tools for life
  • 30X Coverage on 100% of your DNA

Reports included

30X Whole Genome Sequencing Test
  • Full Access to your Genomic Data

    This genomic data is an extremely powerful tool to start a life-long journey of discovery. You can learn more as science progresses

  • Nutrition

    Discover what your Genome has to say about your diet, metabolism, food intolerance and allergies

  • Pharmacogenomics

    Learn if your personal genetic variants might influence how your body processes over 120 medications

  • Health

    Learn about predispositions to over 100 common diseases, including hereditary cancer. Get actionable insights to drive your personalized prevention

Technical specifications

  • Do the test

    Kit containing stabilizing liquid. It is intended for collecting saliva. The kit has made up of: saliva collection tube, tube cap, funnel lid, tube container, specimen bag, prepaid return shipping label and DHL shipping bag for the return

  • Register your kit

    - Insert the KIT ID (find it on the sample collection tube or out of the box).
    - Insert the Order ID (find it on the purchase-confirmation email).
    - Insert the information of the person that is taking the test.
    Register now

  • Ship back your kit

    - Place the tube with the sample taken inside the box.
    - Insert the box inside the new shipping bag
    - Applicate the prepaid shipping back label out of the new shipping bag
    - Book the pick-up through the link you received by email from DHL

  • Receive results

    Receive your digital results; you will be able to know better yourself and start improving your life